Scope and aims

Scope and aims

Romanian Journal of Public Affairs (RJPA) is aiming to contribute to the advance of knowledge concerning public affairs, management (both public and private), puvlic administration. The journal encourages submissions  on interdisciplinary research in related fields, such as public affairs, public administration, business, economics, political science, sociology, communication theory or artificial intelligence and their impact on management, organizations and the society.

RJPA is an open-acces journal and under the Creative Commons options aims to provide a rapid refereeing and editorial processes, following standard publication practices.

The general topic covered by the articles in the Journal is administrative science. The Romanian Journal of Public Affairs seeks to:

  • explore and develop the field of governance;
  • analyze, at theoretical and practical level, the issue of public policy development and implementation;
  • encourage the work which presents new empirical knowledge about public affairs;
  • question the pattern of  present public sector organization and functioning;

The journa is published twice a year in June and in December